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Carnegie Mellon University

Technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) by Dr. Philip Miller, who created, built and headed the Introductory Programming Group that taught nearly every undergraduate. He pioneered performance-based examinations to ensure that everyone who passed a CMU programming course could actually write software.

World Bank

The World Bank was looking for a way to assess the efficacy in its investment in IT skills education and training around the world. The Kenya Information and Communication Technology Authority decided to apply a portion of their World Bank funding to this task. A Carnegie Mellon team, headed by Dr. Philip Miller, won Kenya's global RFP and created the first Proxor Authentic Examinationᵀᴹ - featuring fully automated grading for objective results.

Exams Available

Currently Proxor offers two solutions, Java and C. Java covers the world of object oriented programming while C is the substrate for databases and rules the world of embedded systems and real-time programming. The resulting Proxor 5-grade rating is the industry leader in assessment of software development proficiency. Front-end Development (FED) exam and other mobile/web tool sets are being developed.

Service Offer

Proxor exams can be taken at an appointed exam centre administered and supervised by a Proxor Partner. Proxor has formed partnership agreements in over 20 countries worldwide and more agreements are being progressed. The Proxor platform also offers a cloud delivery system with online proctoring.

Satisfied Clients

Our institutional clients and government organisations are using Proxor Authentic Examinationᵀᴹ to save valuable time and costs in skill assessment for deploying resources, assigning projects, evaluating candidates, training and development, grading students/trainees, and improving overall reputation. Our individual clients are using Proxor to verify their software development capability against an international standard to improve marketability and career opportunities.


XUP Ltd is the parent company of Proxor, which provides predictive analytics for institutional clients. The analytics can be customised for different clients.

Who is Proxor for?


  • Optimize resource deployment
  • Access ubiquitous development skills globally
  • Maximize project profitability and overall ROI/ROA
  • Quantify candidate skill level to reduce recruitment cycle time

Software Developers

  • Certify coding capability and skill level
  • Assess skill levels against international standards
  • Improve marketability to new opportunities locally and globally

Educational Institutions

  • Improve ranking and reputation
  • Strengthen students’ resume, employability, and compensation
  • Standardize grading across the program


  • Attract international demand for skilled resources
  • Attract international investments in IT sector

Societies and Certification Bodies

  • Consistent certification standard
  • Solidify reputation
  • Attract more members

Introduction to Proxor

Demo exams

Sample PROXOR Authentic Examinationsᵀᴹ and experience the unique difference that Proxor offers


Our Clients

Proxor Rating

The PROXOR rating certifies the level an Examinee can develop software based on global standards.

  • 2%
    Proxor 1 -
    Best of the Best

  • 12%
    Proxor 2 -
    High Skill Levels

  • 39%
    Proxor 3 -

  • 16%
    Proxor 4 -

  • 31%
    Not Rated -
    Unable to solve any tasks

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