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Why Proxor?

Comprehensive and effective software development assessment

Scientific, unbiased, verifiable, automated

Significant cost savings via process improvement

CMU research and proprietary tech

Talent management and upskilling use cases

PROXOR Ratings

Instead of just a meaningless pass or fail, the Proxor rating system certifies the level of an examinee’s ability to develop software based on a global standard. Examinees are given different ratings based on their demonstrated capabilities in applying a comprehensive set of programming skills required by programmers.

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8 Core Skill Areas

In addition to the accurate PROXOR Ratings, our comprehensive assessment provides breakdowns on 8 Key Skills categories which are based on IEEE/ACM’s Computer Science Curricula 2013. By identifying the scores on each of these skills, a tailored on-line education program can be implemented to remediate and improve the capabilities for each identified software engineer.