Proxor Authentic Examination is pleased to announce that our company co-founder, Dr. Phil Miller was invited to speak about “Innovation in Education” at the ASEAN Summit 2017 in Philippines. The theme of this year’s event was “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World,” driven by the vision of achieving a thriving innovation economy to enable industries, fuel productivity and harness the power of innovation across regions.

The summit brought together startups, innovators, investors, corporations, academe and government from across 10 nations to engage in talks and panel discussions on a series of innovation related topics. Dr. Miller was part of a panel that provided valuable insights about educational innovation and the future of education.

According to Dr. Miller, “I was delighted to be in a session with people who have real thriving start-ups, and people from the government sector who are looking for ways to leverage the start-up community. Everyone agreed that identifying capable software developers is in the interest of everybody involved.”