HONG KONG XUP Ltd. recently announced it has received funding of US $250,000 led by SA Capital, an independent private impact investment company focused on triple-bottom line investing that supports growth-oriented businesses in the Greater China & South East Asia (GCSEA) region.

SA Capital supports organizations that work on education and educational-related projects where training and development of human resources is an important element of the strategy. They invest in companies that have a Social and Environmental impact, where in significant portions of their Impact Investments are utilized to target end beneficiaries who live in poverty, as well as those outside of the mainstream communities.

SA Capital has hence invested in XUP Ltd. as they believe that educational ventures such as these can create a great social impact that has a strong multiplier effect. XUP Ltd. has plans to use part of this investment to develop the Software Development Community in several developing countries in Asia and Africa as well as underprivileged communities in the developed countries by advancing capabilities and knowledge of their Tech Talent to accelerate Growth, Innovation and Improve their Skills ranking on the Global Software Development scale. The aim is to improve the quality of tech talent through assessment of capabilities and skills and provide them a path whereby they are given an equal standing chance of getting hired locally and globally.

According to Richard Roque, CEO of SA Capital, “Since inception in 2016, XUP’s aim of encouraging, developing and promoting talent in the software educational development communities around the world thru a holistic system approach of working with the major players in the ecosystem based on a proven scientific testing method developed by world class professors with a combined experience of over 50 years in computer science education and in collaboration with the major IT enterprises in the world provides the key elements for building the quintessential model for generating both positive economic and social returns in several dimensions across the ecosystem. We look forward to working closely with XUP Board and management team as they pursue their strategic growth objectives.

According to Henry Hon, Founder and CEO, XUP Ltd., “The reputation, strategic insights and business acumen of SA Capital will be greatly welcomed by XUP. We are truly delighted to have a partner like SA Capital who share our views about promoting integral human development. This partnership will help accelerate our growth and transformation while better positioning us to execute our strategy and mission to build the Software Development Community globally with a special focus on 3 rd world countries.” XUP Ltd. will use the remaining investment for general corporate purposes, including product expansion.


About SA Capital

SA Capital Limited is a private impact investment company that invests in the Greater China & South East Asia (GCSEA) region. They work with proven social enterprises around the world with models that are applicable to the GCSEA region to provide support in establishing a presence through a cooperative arrangement, joint venture or wholly owned operation in the region. The firm currently collaborates closely with Microbenefits and HVLI Virtues Leadership Institute in Greater China. Past investments include Betterworldbooks.com, and Lumni Inc.