Recently, CS Rankings released the Top 18 School Rankings for Computer Science in 2018. The list shows that Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University rank among the top three in the world.

This ranking is designed to help people understand the strengths of universities and colleges around the world in computer science systems and faculty.’s ranking of computer science universities is based on the number of papers published by the academies during the top conferences in various fields of computer science in 2006-2018. It classifies computer science into four categories: AI, Systems, Theory, and Interdisciplinary Areas. Under the AI category, it is divided into five directions: artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning and data mining, natural language processing, web pages and information extraction.

The rankings are based entirely on research indicators, which measure the number of papers published by the top clubs in the field of computer science in most college teachers.

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