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Hire Better Developers Easier

Our industry leading developer assessment platform screens your candidates automatically.

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We transform the way you hire

Proxor automatically screens candidates for you. We place them in work-driven scenarios with a real code base to get you an accurate and comprehensive assessment of your candidates' on-the-job skills and capabilities.

Introduction to Proxor

Value Proposition

Increase your Interview to Hire Ratio

Get to know your candidate's technical ability with our accurate coding assessment well before your in person interview.

Quantify Your Hiring

Proxor's data driven programming assessments give you full insight into a candidate's specific skills and capabilities. Search and filter candidates actual demonstrated skills.

Unlock Undiscovered Talent

Screening developers by their resume and education is like judging a book by its cover. Our research backed assessment gives every applicant a chance to shine.

Effortless Talent Management

Proxor accurately pinpoints a programmer's skills, strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to effectively place developers into the right role and the right team.

How Do We Do It?

  • Extensive base code comprehension and code writing within a real-work environment.
  • Standardized scoring across all test takers despite task variations.
  • Embedded edge-cases and hidden bugs scored via a difficulty-weighted algorithm.
  • Depth of exam scope ensures uniqueness of submissions and authenticity.
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You're in Good Company

Proxor was developed from decades of leading assessment and education research backed by the world's top ranked computer science universities and leading software development professionals.







Trusted by industry leaders

"The Proxor exam provides feedback on real development experience: the ability to read, understand and enhance the code of others, ability to debug and in general, real project development experience close to the job"

Boris Angelov, SAP Labs Bulgaria.

"Proxor exam served to find our hidden talent. These staff members were often the ones who took the initiative to push the team forward towards results achievement, even though they were not the titled team leaders. In future projects, those with high Proxor ratings will have a greater presence and responsibility within work teams."

Luis Humberto Alva Martinez, Associate Director, Infotec.