Proxor Java Exam

How To Prepare

To prepare for this pilot exam, you should download either of the following:

  • , which contains mostly code and text files. You must supply your own copy of Eclipse or some other development environment that can edit, compile, and run Java programs.
  • pilot-exam-study-v5.ova, which is a full virtual machine similar to the system you will use in the exam. It contains all of the code in along with the JDK, Eclipse, Java documentation, and much more. You will need to install Virtual Box to access this virtual machine. The following checksum can be used to verify the integrity of the pilot-exam-study-v5.ova file: SHA256 (pilot-exam-study-v5.ova) = 3ba667949a10c564947e86a6472e8cbe4774c02eba8a7075791f3a80308b2358

Note that the is a significantly smaller file to download and students who already have a comfortable local development environment can adequately prepare for the examination with this file.

Exam tasks will be based on two sets of software:

Java CSV (in the javacsv folder) is a library for reading and writing CSV (comma-separated value) data. SpreadSheet (in the spreadsheet folder) is a Java application that implements a simple spreadsheet.

You should become familiar with these programs, learning the structure; how the programs work; and how to compile, run, and use the spreadsheet application. Thirteen tasks are included. Each one is contained in a separate directory. If you downloaded, you can import all these directories into Eclipse as projects. The tasks are:

  • average-ss
  • exps-have-numbers-ss
  • flexible-read-display-csv
  • number-display-ss
  • numbers-as-expressions-ss
  • open-save-ss
  • parentheses-ss
  • simple-read-display-csv
  • stat-greatest-val-csv
  • stat-median-csv
  • sum-ss
  • white-space-ss
  • write-html-csv

Each of these directories contains a file named readme.txt. The readme.txt files tell you what to do for each task.

We recommend that you implement these tasks. For example, implement numbers-as-expressions-ss by changing the copy of in numbers-as-expressions-ss/src.

Notice there is also a program named numbers-as-expressions-ss/src/ This is a simple (and incomplete) JUnit test you can run after you implement the evaluation of numbers as expressions. The JUnit test should not report any problems if your implementation is correct. You do not need to add any code to the JUnit test but you are permitted to extend it if it helps you to test your solution.

The exam tasks will all be of this same form: For each task in the exam itself,

  • An Eclipse project (represented by a folder) is provided.
  • Read the readme.txt file in the project folder to learn what to implement.
  • Modify the code that is provided in the project folder (e.g., a copy of You can create new files, but generally this will not be necessary.
  • Test your code.
  • Run the JUnit test, which will be named
  • Submit your solution.