These instructions contain important information to help you succesfully complete the examination. If you exit the browser or close the instructions tab, you can always recover them by double-clicking the README_FIRST.html document on the desktop.

The exam environment contains all of the code for the exam tasks along with necessary tools for C development.

On the left side of the desktop is the launcher that contains shortcuts for all of the applications you may need to complete the exam.

You are supplied exam materials for all tasks, but you should only complete those tasks assigned to you.

  • Your Assigned Tasks
  • The tasks that you must solve are in a file named TASK_ASSIGNMENTS.txt in your home directory. You can open that in this browser. A bookmark is provided. Alternatively you can go to the home directory and open the file. Work on these tasks. Only these tasks will be scored.

  • Installed Development Environments
  • The following development environments are installed in the exam environment:

    • Eclipse CDT, unconfigured
    • Command line (bash)
    • Text editors
    • GNU Emacs 23.3.1 (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.24.10)
    • VIM - Vi IMproved version 7.3.429
    • GNU nano 2.2.6
    • Jed 0.99.19U
    • gedit 3.4.1
    • Build and testing tools
    • CuTest version 1.5
  • The exam environment contains one copy of the exam materials, located in /home/workspace. The files will be collected from their default locations at the end of the exam for scoring. You can edit these files anywhere, with any editor, and make as many copies as you like, but ensure that your final submission is named correctly and in the appropriate directory at the end of the exam.
  • Eclipse Instructions
  • Eclipse CDT is installed, but not configured to do anything. If you prefer Eclipse over any of the available text editors, you are free to use it. Just remember to copy your solutions to their original location so they will be collected for grading.

  • Command Line Instructions
  • Repeat the following steps for each task in the examination:

    • Navigate to the directory containing the task.
      • You can work on the task anywhere, but it may be easiest to use /home/workspace, where the workspace is already set up.
    • Read the readme.txt in the project folder to learn what to implement using one of the provided text editors or the less command.
    • Modify the code that is provided in the project folder using one of the provided text editors. You can create new files, but generally this will not be necessary.
    • Optionally, run the test, which will be namedwith the suffix test. This will perform some basic tests on the solution file to help you verify that your solution is valid. These tests only ensure minimal functionality of the task, not full correctness.
  • Exam Environment
  • The exam environment consists of a modified GNU/Linux operating system (Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS). The desktop window manager is arranged into four workspaces. If you become disoriented by accidentally switching workspaces, you can left-click the last icon in the launcher and double-click on the desired workspace.

    This image for Exam Environment

    Only minimal configuration has been applied to the default Ubuntu desktop environment. This configuration should be comfortable for most exam takers; however, system settings can be changed by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner of the desktop. Given the limited amount of time available to take the exam, users should avoid spending much time customizing the environment.

    This image for Exam Environment

    Unless otherwise noted, all installed software has been installed using official packages supplied by the Ubuntu project.

  • Finishing Up
  • Once you have finished completing your solution for the exam tasks, there are two final steps.

  • Confirm Submission of Your Solutions
  • Before the exam ends, please verify that your assigned tasks are ready to be collected. You must run "make submit" in the directory of the task you want to submit. This will create a code submission. If you continue working afterwards your new work will not be submitted until you run "make submit" again. If you've created new files, they will be submitted, but depending on the task they may not factor into your scoring. Ask a proctor for clarification.

  • Log Out
  • After you have confirmed that all of your intended submissions are in place and your are satisfied that you have completed the exam, logout of the console either by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner and selecting "Log Out...":

    This image for Exam Environment

    Unless otherwise noted, all installed software has been installed using official packages supplied by the Ubuntu project.

    or by hitting the Control-Alt-Delete key combination and pressing the "Log Out" button:

    This image for Exam Environment