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Proxor assesses your programming skills using the Authentic Exam co-developed with Carnegie Mellon University. Taking the Proxor Exam is the first step to optimizing your capabilities and landing your dream tech job.

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The Proxor Certification

The Proxor Certification serves as evidence of real-life programming proficiency. No matter if you are an art student pursuing a career in the tech industry, or an experienced programmer preparing for your dream job, success starts with Proxor Certification. Stand out in the world's most competitive industry and get recognized for your coding skills with Proxor Certification.

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Stand Out in the Sea of Tech Job Applications

More than half of the most promising jobs are in the tech industry and require excellent programming skills. Stand out and be recognized for your actual software development capabilities with your Proxor Certification. Go beyond your CV.

Be Job-ready

You may score straight-As with a prestigious Computer Science degree, you may be an excellent programmer and yet not sure what to expect in the real-world. Proxor exams are designed to test real-life programming skills with work-based tasks. Apply and study for a Proxor exams to bridge the gap between you and your dream job.

Assess Your Coding Skills Comprehensively

It's no secret that the tech industry is the most competitive space in the job market right now. Understand where you shine and where you have room for improvement to best prepare you for your dream job.

Trusted by Top Universities Around the World

"Proxor's authentic examination products are the best way I know of to assess the job readiness of software developers. Rather than testing superficial knowledge of language syntax and platform details, they measure real ability to write code in a realistic context."

Daniel Jackson, Professor of Computer Science, MIT

“Proxor's authentic assessment provides our students with a good idea of where their practical programming skills actually stand in the industry, and identifies specific areas of strengths and weaknesses for follow-up corrective action. There is a strong correlation between Proxor's test scores and the scores the candidates obtained for their programming course at our school, and that validates the industry-relevance of our own teaching content and assessment methods, and also validates the Proxor assessment.”

Lee Yeow Leong, Mok Heng Ngee and Steven Miller, School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University.

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