The science behind the methodology

Authentic Examination™

Authentic examination is the heart of Proxor's method for evaluating the capability of a person to write software. Authentic examination requires examinees to demonstrate, in a proctored examination environment, the exact same skills that are needed on the job. The concept was introduced at CMU over 30 years ago, and has since been refined and honed. Under the Software Developer Certification Project, authentic examination of individual programming competency has been focused on professional skills, hardened to be securely delivered in computer labs and test centers worldwide, and scaled so that millions of people can be efficiently examined, rapidly and accurately graded at affordable prices.

Proxor places test-takers into the role of the professional software developer complete with professional programming environments, other resources and tools of the trade, a code base from real software projects, and programming tasks that are typical for entry-level developers. Exam takers solve 4 tasks during the exam session. Proxor evaluates their solutions and provides a detailed report on the competence of the test-taker as revealed by the exam.

Because authentic examination directly measures relevant skills in a manner that is not available from other tests, software companies all over the world have expressed keen interest in Proxor's approach. Other testing techniques have not provided satisfactory results. Multiple choice exams, in particular, are notoriously poor at identifying skilled developers. Assigning competent programmers to evaluate programming skills of workforce entrants is hugely expensive and the results are inconsistent because, regardless of how competent these programmers are, they are certainly not trained to assess other programmers.

Authentic examination is the critical distinction between the Proxor proprietary examinations and other examinations and certifications used by competitors. The Proxor team has unrivaled expertise in this field and an insurmountable head start over potential competition. Proxor authentic exams are accurate, inexpensive, and trustworthy.